Best Apple TV apps

The Apple TV set-top box is a cord cutters dream, providing easy access to almost all the streaming content that is available. Apple TV has a further leg up on the competition by featuring its own app store that includes a wide variety of games and a slew of non-streaming related apps. There are actually so many of them that it can be quite difficult the best ones. To help you out, here is our roundup of the best Apple TV apps you can download!

Best Apple TV apps for movies and TV

best apple tv apps for movies and tv

Having a lot of apps is great, but the main purpose of the Apple TV is for streaming movies and TV shows. In the list below, we’re going to leave out the obvious choices like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. That’s not to say that these aren’t some of the best Apple TV apps for media streaming, but they are likely pre-installed. It also depends on which service you subscribe to. And if you subscribe to any or all of them, you probably have the app on your Apple TV already.

  • HBO GO/NOW – The HBO streaming apps are also likely pre-installed on your device but get a special mention because of the two different apps available. HBO GO is available for free as long as you subscribe to the channel as a part of your current TV subscription. If you are a cord cutter, you will have to download HBO NOW, which requires a $14.99 per month subscription. The great news is that the available content is the same across both apps.
  • Pluto TV – Pluto TV offers access to over 100 live channels and thousands of movies for absolutely free. There is a lot of current content to enjoy, a live music channel, live news channels, and plenty more. If you are looking for great content without the hefty subscription fees that generally accompany that, you should definitely give Pluto TV a try.
  • Tubi TV – Tubi TV is another excellent source of movies and TV shows that is completely free. You can find a slew of award-winning movies and TV shows and sort through them with unique categories like “Not on Netflix” and “Highly-rated on Rotten Tomatoes.” There’s a lot of current content so you aren’t stuck just watching old movies. There may be a few more ads than you’d like to deal with, but its worth it, given that everything is available for free.
  • FilmStruck – Speaking of old movies, if you are a fan of the classics, FilmStruck is the app for you. This is the exclusive streaming home of TCM Select and the Criterion Collection. The extensive catalog features everything from Hollywood classics, independent movies, foreign films, and cult cinema. You can get the standard FilmStruck subscription (includes TCM Select) for $6.99 a month. Adding the Criterion Channel bumps that price up to $10.99 per month or an annual fee of $99.99.
  • Movies Anywhere – Movies Anywhere lets you access the movies you have purchased from a single app regardless of where you may have bought them from. Supported apps include iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play Movies & TV, FandangoNOW, and Microsoft Movies & TV. You also have the option to download and watch them later when offline.
  • Sling TV – Sling TV is the go-to source for live TV without having a cable connection. You can build your channel list as you wish with packages starting at just $25. After signing up for a starter package, you can add specific extras like sports channels, kids channels, news channels, and even premium channels like HBO and Showtime. Extra services include Cloud DVR and Sling TV even features packages for international language channels. While movies and TV shows can be found elsewhere, Sling TV is one of the best ways to access sports on your Apple TV.

Best Apple TV apps for music

best apple tv apps for music

  • Pandora – Pandora is one of the few music streaming apps that are available on Apple TV. Pandora lets you create personalized stations for your favorite songs, artists, and genres. The free version has ads. For no ads, you can opt for Pandora Plus that also includes unlimited personalized stations, unlimited skips and replays, higher quality audio, and up to 4 stations for offline listening. Pandora Premium adds to that by bringing the ability to search for and play specific songs, create playlists, download songs for offline listening. Pandora Plus and Premium are priced at $4.99 per month and $9.99 per month respectively.
  • TIDAL – Apart from access to over 10 million songs, you can also enjoy podcasts, livestreams, and shows on TIDAL. There is no free version available. TIDAL Premium offers standard sound quality while TIDAL HiFi features Lossless HiFi audio. The Premium and HiFi subscriptions are priced at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.
  • Receiver Radio – Receiver Radio that offers access to over 40,000 radio stations and more than 25,000 podcasts. The app isn’t free but costs just $1.99, which is far more affordable than the monthly subscription you’ll have to pay for other music and radio streaming apps.

Best Apple TV apps for news and weather

best apple tv apps for news and weather

  • Reuters TV – Reuters TV provides on-demand news and live, unbiased coverage of world events. You can personalize the length of the news show, save for offline viewing, and get access to the news across all Apple devices. You require a monthly subscription of just $1.99.
  • CARROT Weather – CARROT Weather uses Dark Sky’s very accurate weather data to provide current, hourly, and daily forecasts. The dialogue, scenery, and characters change in surprising and funny ways depending on weather conditions. You can subscribe to the Premium Club or Ultra Premium Club to get extra features like daily summaries, more customization, severe weather alerts, and a whole lot more. You can a Premium Club subscription for just $0.49 per month or $3.99 per year. Ultra Premium will set you back $0.99 per month or $9.99 annually.
  • WeatherMap+ – WeatherMap+ is an interactive app which allows you to pan and zoom around a map of the world and look at weather conditions in any area. You can switch between various weather layers in order to get a comprehensive view of both current and future weather events. The app requires a one-time payment of $2.99.

Best Apple TV apps for fitness

best apple tv workout apps

  • Daily Burn Trainer Workouts – The app features audio and video workouts led by experts. There are thousands of workouts to choose from and you can set up quick workouts, personalized plans, get access to personal trainers, and even recipes to help match or fitness goal. It requires a monthly subscription of $19.99 and gives you full access to the workout library and other features.
  • Stryve Fitness Trainer – Stryve creates workout videos uniquely built for you by considering your goals, time available, fitness levels, equipment, and progress. There are hundreds of exercises available with follow-along videos to help. You can easily follow your progress and track your results with the Health app. Stryve requires a monthly subscription that starts $7.99.
  • Yoga Studio – The Yoga Studio app has over a hundred yoga and meditation videos and classes based on your level of expertise. There is a library of 280 poses with detailed instructions, which is ideal for beginners. You can create your own classes and set up workout durations anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour. The Yoga Studio subscription is priced starting at $1.99 per month or $19.99 annually. There are also weekly and quarterly plans available.

Best Apple TV apps for food

best apple tv food apps

  • Kitchen Stories – The Kitchen Stories app features a lot of delicious recipes with step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and useful how-to-videos ranging from cooking basics to improving your knife skills. New recipes and instructional videos are added every week. You can also add ingredients you may need to a shopping list and the app also comes with a measurement converter to help you get your quantities right.
  • Food Network’s In the Kitchen – The Food Network’s In the Kitchen app provides instant access to over 70,000 recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs. You can even save recipes that may be showing on TV at that time. There are a lot of step-by-step guides and how-to videos to follow to help you hone your cooking skills. Recipe ingredients you may need are automatically saved in the Notes app. You can also rate and review recipes that you’ve cooked in the app.
  • Grubhub – If you don’t feel like cooking or going out, the Grubhub app is for you. The app has a large selection of your local restaurants and you can get your favorite food delivered right to your doorstep. There are a lot of extras available like real-time tracking, deals, special offers, multiple payment options, and more.

Best Apple TV apps for education

best apple tv apps for education

  • TED Talks – The TED Talks app features over 3,000 free videos that are inspiring, humorous, and anything in between. With a wide variety of topics and subjects ranging from self-motivation and psychology to science and technology, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Coursera – The Coursera app offers includes numerous free and paid courses, specializations, and even online Master’s degrees that have been developed by professors from over 150 colleges and universities around the world. Specialization and course certification prices range between $38.99 to $79.99.
  •  Udemy – Udemy features over 80,000 video courses taught by expert instructors. There are a wide variety of courses across various fields of study. If you’re looking to gain expertise or you’re just curious about a particular topic, Udemy will have a course for you. Courses are priced starting at as low as $9.99.

Best Apple TV games

best apple tv games

While almost every game on this list can be played using the Siri remote that comes with the Apple TV, you will have a much better experience with some using a console-like gamepad. Apple recommends the SteelSeries Nimbus wireless controller but any other Bluetooth controller should work as well.

  • Real Racing 3 – Real Racing 3 is one of the best racing games I’ve played and is even more fun on the large screen of the TV. The game uses real tracks from around the world, the car catalog keeps increasing with every update, and the multiplayer modes are excellent. Something to keep in mind though is that this is a very resource heavy game and you will need to have at least 2.5GB of free space on your Apple TV device.
  • Alto’s Odyssey – Alto’s Odyssey is the follow up to the very popular Alto’s Adventure. It is a side-scrolling endless runner that features beautiful graphics, intuitive controls, and excellent gameplay. This follow up adds a bunch of new characters and modes that take the game to a whole new level. It’s definitely worth checking out Alto’s Adventure as well. Alto’s Odyssey is a one-time $4.99 purchase and there are no ads or in-app purchases to deal with.
  • Smule – With Smule, you can sing and make music with friends and fans around the world. Karaoke solo or duet with people across the globe. You can even sing duets with major artists. Sing a cappella, solo or with a group. The app also provides audio effects and video filters while singing your favorite karaoke songs. You can try the app for free but accessing the full app requires a quarterly subscription that is priced at $29.99 or a $44.99 annual plan.
  • SketchParty TV – SketchParty TV is a pictionary-like drawing and guessing game that is a lot of fun at social gatherings. You can have up to 8 players per team and you need an iPad and a TV connected to Apple TV. It’s a lot of fun to play and is certainly a must-have party game. SketchParty TV requires a one-time purchase with a price of $4.99.
  • AG Drive – AG Drive is a futuristic racing game in which you race blazing fast anti-gravity crafts on amazing tracks. The graphics are outstanding and there are plenty of game modes to enjoy. The game is really difficult though but that only adds to the fun. The AG Drive app is priced at $2.99 but there are optional in-app purchases as well.
  • Oceanhorn – Oceanhorn is a role-playing game that features an excellent story, fantastic 3D visuals, and an exciting adventure. There are over 10 hours of story-driven gameplay and though it is simple and intuitive to play, there is enough fun and excitement to make it enjoyable. The Oceanhorn game is priced at $7.99.
  • Trivia Night – Trivia Night is a fun party quiz game where players can use iPhones, iPads, or any internet-connected device (smartphones, laptops, tablets) to take part. Questions are from a wide range of categories such as Film and TV, Sports, Literature and more. The app costs $2.99 and you can also buy additional expansion packs or question packs for specific categories.

So there you have it for this roundup of some the best Apple TV apps that you should check out!

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