One of the iPad Pro’s main selling points is support for the Apple Pencil, a specialized stylus that will help creative users better take advantage of their tablets. But we must realize the Apple Pencil is a device of its own… one that costs $99 and may need its very own accessories.

Those looking to get the best iPad Pro and Apple Pencil set-up have come to the right place. In this list we have included the coolest Apple Pencil accessories around. Let’s start shopping!

Pad & Quill Leather Apple Pencil Holder


The Pad & Quill Apple Pencil Holder is made of quality leather, backed by a 25-year warranty. It is elegant, simple and very functional. Adhesive is used to attach it to cases, a Smart Cover or the iPad. But in order to get leather and the Pad & Quill brand recognition you will have to pay $24.95. Buy Now.

Stylus Sling Apple Pencil Holder


The Stylus Sling is great for those of you who want a more specialized Apple Pencil holder, yet still want something with a classic look. This accessory wraps around your case or smart cover. It features neat and snug slots for both your Apple Pencil and the USB adapter. But because it is made for specially Apple’s product, the price also goes up to $24.99.

One Fragment Apple Pencil Case


Here’s something a little more interesting. How about an Apple Pencil case made of wood? I happen to love natural materials, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The elegant container will hold your Apple Pencil while keeping it safe. It’s also very convenient and easy to use, thanks to its magnet system.

The One Fragment case starts at $25, but can go up to $37, depending on the type of wood you choose. Buy now.

TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

TechMatte Apple Pencil Charging Adapter

I personally don’t like how the Apple Pencil sticks out when it is being charged by the iPad Pro. It seems like a rather fragile set-up. We believe it is better to use something like the TechMatte Apple Pencil charging adapter. It offers more flexibility for the low price of $8.99.

Thankscase Apple Pencil Stand


This pencil stand will be very helpful for those of you who often work from a desk. It can hold your stylus upright, while charging it. Just keep in mind this is pretty much a stand with good cable management, though. It won’t come with the actual charging mechanism.

You can grab it from Amazon for $23.99.

Thankscase Mushroom Stand

Thankscase Mushroom Stand

Don’t need something as elaborate? Thankscase also makes this much simpler Apple Pencil Stand. It has no cable management or charging features, but will hold your stylus in place for only $11.99. And you can still put the Apple Pencil sideways when you do need to charge. Buy Now.



The PencilCozy is discrete, but will really help you not lose that Apple Pencil cap. It snugly attaches the cap to the body, while stopping the accessory from rolling around. It’s also only $7.99!


Twelve South BookBook


Looking for a good case with an integrated Apple Pencil holder? It doesn’t get much better than Twelve South’s BookBook. This case literally looks like a book when closed. Unfold it to showcase a complete iPad Pro set-up, with multiple standing angles, an Apple Pencil slot and all the protection you need.

It is not cheap at $99.99, but we believe those who want quality will deem the price worth it.

STM Atlas Slim Folio Case


If you need something a little simpler (and cheaper), there’s also the STM Atlas Slim Folio Case. It has a low profile, good protection, multiple viewing angles, a magnetic cover and a slot to hold your Apple Pencil. All for $59.95 (for the 9.7-inch version).

There you have it, guys. Those are our favorite Apple Pencil accessories. Are there any others you would recommend? Hit the comments to let us know!

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