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Alto's Adventure Best Android Games for Tablets

Gaming on mobile has been improving at a far greater rate than any technology that came before it. In 2005, if you had told anyone that you could play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on a telephone with the same graphics as it had on a PS2, you probably would’ve been laughed out of the building. Now there are games that look and play even better than that! Without further delay, here are the best Android games on tablets available right now!

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Alto’s Odyssey

Price: Free to play

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure, and it’s the same kind of game play and as one of the best runners of 2018, it remains awesome in 2020. Once again, your llamas have escaped! That’s not a sentence I thought I would ever type. In the latest Alto game, you’re found plummeting down not just a snowy slopes but a few different biomes on your board, as you try your best to catch those pesky llamas. Along the way you must avoid obstacles and ravines, and hey, have a little fun throwing backflips and grinding on power lines, water, balloon bouncing, and so on.

This game is easy-going, fun to play and extremely addictive. It’s also one of the more attractive side-scrollers that I’ve come across as of late, securing its spot as one the best Android games for tablets. As you’re bombing down the slope, you’ll get a glance at some great background scenery!

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Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme

Price: Free to play

To date, there have been few racing games with the longevity of the Asphalt series. Now with Asphalt 9: Legends and Asphalt Xtreme. The game now includes over 800 events, weekly and monthly events, and online PvP action. You also get up to 50 cars to unlock, various upgrades, and more. Yes, it is freemium which does push the pay-to-play angle a little harder than we would normally like but it’s a great ride with the classic arcade-style action and some of the most popping graphics you’ll see. Asphalt 8: Airborne is still actively updated as well if you want an older title with a separate slate of content and more simple gameplay.

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Beamdog games (six games total)

Price: $9.99 each

Beamdog is a developer that specialize in porting old PC games to Android. Beamdog currently have six titles out right now. They are Baldur’s Gate I and II, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights, Seige of Dragonspear, and Planescape: Torment EE. All six games have similar mechanics. They are massive, hardcore RPGs with tons of skills, bad guys, dungeons, loot, and long stories. Tablets are where you want to play these games really so you can enjoy more screen real estate, less taken up by cramped UI, even on big phones. Each different game will run you for $9.99 for the full game, plus some optional purchases for stuff like voice packs and other customizations, which might suit you. The main thing is you’ll get hours out of these games so the $10 bucks is pretty good.

Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition is the highest-rated of these titles.

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Price: $4.99
From the creators of the robot adventure game, Machinarium, Botanicula is a tap-to-explore game that puts you in control of a crew of creatures seeking to find safety from scary monsters in a strange world! Botanicula’s gameplay was created with the curious in mind. Upon opening the game, you’re left to your own devices to figure out what to do and where to go. Making your way through the trees, you’ll come across other characters, new landscapes and some precarious situations. I loved being able to interact with so much of the world in this game, but the frequent loading screens that come with any movement off the screen can be painful.

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Dash Quest

Price: Free to play

Dash Quest is an incredibly fun RPG/Arcade endless-runner that, from an aesthetic point of view, feels like a lot like Zelda game. Like any great RPG, you can outfit your tiny little character with tons of gear that deals more and more damage to your unfortunate enemies. What makes this one of the best android games for tablets is the fast-paced gameplay. Besides the running and hacking and slashing, you’ll come across mini-games that keep you interested and challenged so the game doesn’t get stale. Speaking of being challenged, there are some pretty intense boss battles here as well. If fast and furious is your thing, check this one out.

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Fallout Shelter

[Price: Free]
Fallout Shelter was released in 2015 to fantastic fanfare and generally positive reviews. It’s by no means the latest hotness but you really should be checking this out if you haven’t already. In this game, you must build a fallout shelter (roll credits), populate it with people, and then manage everything so that it runs well. You’ll have to send dwellers out into the wastelands for supplies and fend off bad guys trying to kill everybody. You can make babies, create entire communities, and all kinds of stuff. It has substantial depth and it’s a game you can easily play for months before you even realize it has in-app purchases.

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Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Price: Free to play

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft flew on to the scene in late 2014 and has been a staple of mobile gaming ever since. It’s a concept that is similar to games like Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering where you collect cards, build decks, and the duel other players using those decks. There are some offline components but the game is pretty much always online. You can also engage with cloud saving via which will allow you to play the game on your PC or mobile device interchangeably.

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Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Price: $4.99 with in-app purchases

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the latest Kingdom Rush game that you might’ve played before anywhere from a PC on Kongregate to an app, and each game is popular for its classic tower defense game style but with fun twists, great progression and upgrades, and boss fights. It definitely works on a phone but on tablet you’ll enjoy everything more. Bloons TD 6 and many many others crowd this space but the latest Kingdom Rush is always going to be worth a look.


Price: $6.99

Minecraft is a popular game all around the world for people of all ages. For those who have never played, Minecraft puts you in a giant world where you mine stuff, build stuff, beat up bad guys, and do pretty much whatever you want. There is a survival mode where you must mine your own resources and food along with a creative mode that gives you unlimited everything. Updated through the years, the game is better than ever and there’s no in-app purchases.

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Telltale Games

Price: Varies

Telltale Games are the undisputed masters of the episodic adventure game genre and they have the chops to prove it. They have seven games in their arsenal right now and they are The Walking Dead seasons 1 and 2 along with the standalone Michonne game, Game of Thrones, Tales from the Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us, and Minecraft: Story Mode. These games all revolve around similar “point and click” mechanics and they all have stories that can be altered by the decisions of the player. They also all have five episodes a piece that are purchased as in-app purchases and they can all be completed in about 10-15 hours. They’re great games with a good stories, good graphics, and easy game play mechanics. Click the button below to check out the entire Telltale Games collection!

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The Room 3

Price: $4.99
The latest game in The Room series is just as big of a hit as its predecessors and they remain among the best Android games. For those who have never played the game before, The Room is a beautifully done puzzle game that involves a number of unique objects in a room that you must solve to unlock their secrets. You progress from room to room to find even more unique objects and solve their puzzles until you win the game. The third one includes cloud saving, multiple profiles, alternate endings, and the same beautiful puzzles and graphics that drove people to play the first two titles. There are also no in-app purchases.

If you want to check out The Room 1 and 2 from Fireproof Games, click here!

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This War of Mine

Price: $13.99+$2.99
This War of Mine is so good that we awarded it the best game released in 2015, which feels like a long time ago, right? But in 2020, it’s still just so solid. In this survival game, you lead a crew of civilians in a city torn apart by war. You’re tasked with making difficult decisions that have heart wrenching results with survival being the key. It comes with good graphics, plenty of content, and a hefty price tag with no in-app purchases. It’s definitely worth a play as it holds up great, with an extra few bits for an additional $2.99.

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Zombie Age 3HD: Offline Dead Shooter Game

Price: Free to play

One thing is for sure. The zombie craze is never going to die (pun most certainly intended). Zombie Age 3HD is by far the best of the zombie-slaying Android games for a couple of reasons. For starters, I love the side-scrolling action. It’s not so ambitious as to take away from from the blood-shedding fun, and makes it much easier than some of the first-person options to keep a handle on the hordes of the undead. The playable characters are the other reason that this is my favorite zombie game available for Android. There’s just shy of 10 minutes of gameplay below which might just entice you to give it a go. The paid elements of the game aren’t a bother, either.

If we missed any of the best Android games for tablets, tell us about them in the comments!

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