The best accessories for your Amazon Echo

Amazon has done a fine job growing its Echo family of devices, allowing Alexa to penetrate many aspects of your home life. Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo Dot are great speakers to have around various corners of the house, Echo Spot and Show are nice for displaying content perhaps while cooking or getting ready for the day, and Echo Tap can keep you tapped into the power of Alexa while on a hike or catching some rays at the beach.

What makes these devices even better is the various accessories users can outfit their devices with, and we’re gonna lay down some of the better ones you can find to fit your needs. Some may appear to be a little obscure, but they all have their own neat ways to make your Amazon speaker stand out, blend in, or work better.

Echo Plus:

Wasserstein Speaker Stand: $9.99 $7.99

Amazon Echo Plus stand
Wasserstein makes some good stuff, so no surprise that the first product to me mentioned is the Wasserstein speaker stand. It has a very classy acrylic design and comes in a few colors (that black is simply divine). It should help stabilize your speaker against the occasional bump or in case you have a cat.

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Smatree Portable Battery Base: $45.99

Stay (dis)connected with a charging base for your speaker. Having recently ironed out some kinks, Smatree’s base is outfitted with a 10,200mAh battery that should allow your Echo to run for up to 10 hours. And don’t worry, there are LED indicators at the front.

What’s neat about this one is that not only cane the base be used with an AC adapter, but it can also be used to simultaneously charge other devices with the USB output. There’s even one for the Echo 2nd Gen.

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Echo Dot:

Matone Outlet Wall Hanger Mount: $10.99

Matone Echo Dot Wall Mount

There are plenty of mounts out there for the Echo Dot, which can not only free up space for your counter or table, but keep your Dot safe from accidental spills. Matone’s wall mount seems to be not only the best looking, but the most practical as well. Simply snap your Dot into place, plug in the USB cable, and insert the wall plug.

The mount can hold the device vertically in either direction, and that’s not even the best part; the wall plug can be outfitted for horizontal or vertical outlets! May not seem like a big deal, but it sure saves the hassle of fighting to outlet space!

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DOX Portable Battery Base: $39.95

Echo Dot DOX chargerEcho Tap doesn’t have to be the only portable speaker in Amazon’s arsenal. With a portable battery base like this one from DOX, you can take your Dot just about anywhere. The rechargeable battery allows for 10 hours of runtime, which is enough to keep you going throughout the day.

The base is also made of an anti-stain fabric to help stay clean, and even includes small LED’s to help you keep track of your battery life.

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Echo Show:

Smatree Charging Base

Another offering from Smatree turns the Echo Show into a portable video player, complete with a convenient handle that can lock into place for added peace-of mind. It claims to allow up to 8 hours of usage, which should be plenty. And if that’s not enough, you can cough up a bit more dough for double the battery capacity.

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VMEI Screen Protector: $12.99

Echo Show screen protector

Echo show screen protectorThis is no ordinary screen protector. This tempered glass screen is not only thin and tough, but also takes the ‘privacy glass’ to another level with a stainless-steel camera cover! No more dealing with annoying (and ugly) tape on your camera. They even make a version for the Echo Spot if you have those around.

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Echo Tap

Khanka EVA Travel Case

Echo tap travel caseAs Amazon’s dedicated portable speaker, you can’t go wrong with a carrying case. The EVA is perfect as it has room for the speaker, charging cables, and cradle. You can even store your speaker while it’s house in the Amazon Sling Cover. And the strap makes it really easy to carry around.

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Accessories for the entire Echo family:

Alexa Voice Remote: $29.99 $19.99

Echo alexa remote

This one is almost a no-brainer. The voice remote allows you to control your speaker, and has an integrated mic that works well in noisy environments or when your speaker is too far away to hear you clearly. All in all, it’s pretty straight forward.

buy the amazon alexa voice remote`

Echo Button: $19.99 $14.99

Echo buttonThese are cute and colorful add-ons that bring fun and interactive ways to play with Echo. There’s games like Trivial Pursuit and Don’t Cut That Wire, as well as various other ways to customize the buttons. Honestly there’s a surprising about of skills available for the buttons, making these a sure must-have for the family.

Of course there are tons of accessories out there that do many different things, but these seem to be worth the extra few (or more) dollors to spice up your Amazon Echo device. Meanwhile we’d love to hear what you think of these products, or even ones you have that aren’t listed and simply can’t live without. Sound off below!


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