Best 24-inch monitor – which is the right one for you?

Monitors come in all shapes and sizes, but the 24-inch panel is often seen as the gold standard. It offers the perfect balance between screen real estate and desk space. It’s large enough for most kinds of work, but won’t take up your whole working area. Looking for a new addition to your work station? We’ve put together a list of the best 24 inch monitors available, but let’s talk a bit about the technical side first

What to look for

There are a few different technologies at play in modern monitors — both in the screen technology itself and in the I/O ports in use. You likely won’t find a CRT monitor with VGA or the older D-Sub connection, so LCD and LED screens with HDMI, DVI, or DisplayPort connections are what you’ll typically find.

Input and panel technology

HDMI VGA Inputs - best 24 inch monitors

You should aim for the best 24 inch monitors with HDMI, DVI, or the next-generation DisplayPort connectors. These are digital signals, as opposed to the analog signal of VGA. The kind of monitor to get really depends on your needs. For most uses, you should probably aim for a display with in-plane switching (IPS ), which offers better color reproduction. For the more budget-conscious, non-IPS LCD or LED technologies are still great. Alternatively, If you want a monitor for gaming, you should look for a twisted nematic (TN) display, which has lower response time than IPS displays. 

It’s important to spend some time at the store getting to know the various differences between monitors on the market. Samsung monitors have a significantly different color profile than those from Acer. A Dell monitor may have a lower profile stand than one from HP, which would change the overall height, even if they’re marketed as the same size.

Aspect ratio

Movie aspect ratios - best 24 inch monitorsVia Pinterest

Displays with the aspect ratio of  16:9 are the most common widescreen format. This usually comes in  1,280×720 (720p), 1,920×1,080 (1080p), or 3,840×2,160 (4K UHD) resolutions. There is no harm at all in purchasing a display with a different aspect ratio, but they won’t fit the format of standard HD films as well — movie watchers, beware!


Display Resolution - best 24 inch monitorsWikipedia

These days, there is little point considering a display with anything less than a 1080p Full HD resolution. Full HD has been the standard of High Definition for a few years now, and it’s the most common high-end video production size. Your tablet may exceed this pixel count, so don’t hold your external monitor to the same standard — you can stick your nose in a Quad-HD tablet screen with 300+ Pixels Per Inch and not really see the individual pixels, but a 24-inch monitor at FHD clocks in at roughly 92 PPI.

Ultra-HD (4K) displays are becoming the new standard of excellence, similar to how 4K video recording is increasingly common on the latest smartphones. This will look great, but the more discerning will be able pick out the individual dots that make up the image. 4K isn’t a must-have feature, but if you have the cash and want a little future proofing, the upgrade might be worth it.

If you would like to learn more, check this out.

Before you drive off to your local tech store, here are a few of our top picks to get you started.

Best for most users: Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ

best 24 inch monitors - Dell Ultrasharp

The Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ is a pretty good monitor, in and of itself, but the panel is only part of what makes this option an enticing one. This monitor has a lot of features which make it an all-around convenient tool for your desktop. 


  • Wireless charging station: See that weird symbol to the right of the base? It’s not just an annoying sticker you will want to immediately remove. It’s the area where you can place Qi or PMA-enabled devices for wireless charging. 
  • Ports galore: Monitors usually come with very few ports, but this one has them all. There is a DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, DisplayPort-out and two HDMI ports. But the fun doesn’t end there, Dell has thrown in  four USB 3.0 ports and even audio-out connections. This thing can become a real docking station. 
  • 96 percent sRGB: Dell’s factory calibration report guarantees a 96 percent sRGB color gamut, which is pretty good for a monitor in this price range and including so many extra features. 
  • Super thin bezels: See those bezels? Probably not, and that’s the whole point. This monitor doesn’t have those annoying black plastic bars, which makes for a seamless integration with multiple monitor set-ups. 
  • Easily adjustable: Pivot, tilt, and swivel the monitor as you wish. 


  • Panel specs: This screen is not bad, but it isn’t amazing. In fact, it is pretty standard compared to competing monitors. The LED-backlit display comes with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. The 16:9 aspect ratio ensures great movie watching, as do the 178-degree viewing angles. 
  • No speakers: Dell had the ball rolling, but it didn’t go all the way. Built-in speakers are all the monitor’s really missing.
  • It’s pricey: What makes this monitor great is its extra features, which is likely why the monitor goes for $249.99. For this price you can easily get a better monitor if you don’t care about the bells and whistles. 

This is a convenient monitor to have if you wish to take advantage of the extra additions Dell has thrown in. It is fun and full-featured, and the screen is pretty good. Those who want a higher definition, better refresh rates, and professional color reproduction will have to look elsewhere, though. 

Best for budget: Acer R240HY bidx

best 24 inch monitors - Acer

Those other monitors are great, but some people want an affordable monitor that just works. The Acer R240HY covers the basics and costs only $119.99. 


  • Acceptable panel: You can’t ask for much when paying $120, but this screen does pretty well. This IPS panel comes with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and a 60 Hz refresh rate. That’s up there with most of the competing monitors in this list. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 4 ms response time, and a 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio. 
  • A simple design with less bezel: Dome monitors look amazing even when turned off, but most of us prefer a monitor that just blends into the environment. That’s what this display does. The bezel is tiny, making for a better multi-monitor experience and giving more focus to the screen content. 
  • The price!: This thing is pretty cheap. At $119.99 from Amazon, it will be pretty hard to beat. 


  • Lacking connectivity: Forget all those fancy ports! This monitor is as basic as it gets. It has DVI, HDMI and VGA. That’s it. 

The list of pros might have gotten smaller, but so did the list of cons. This is a no-hassle monitor. It is simple and will keep you happy if all you need is the basics. 

Best for 4K: LG 24UD58-B


The LG 24UD58-B is not only one of the cheapest 4K monitors, it’s one of the best. Sure, there are better out there with more bells and whistles, but not at the prices that many of these options ask for. This 24-inch monitor has great color, easy to navigate menus, and great picture quality with a resolution of 3840 x 2160-pixel. Even gamers will find this 24-inch monitor has a few tricks just for them, including a gaming mode that optimizes the screen depending on the type of game you are playing (like FPS and RTS, for example). 

Curved on a budget: Samsung IT LC24F390FHNXZA

best 24 inch monitors - Samsung

Looking for a curved screen? Samsung has some of the best 24 inch monitors, and this one is nothing to scoff at. 


  • Immersive viewing experience: Curved screens are known for offering a more immersive experience when placed at the right distance. Get rid of distractions and focus on whatever’s on screen. 
  • Elegant design: There is no doubt Samsung knows how to make good-looking products. This monitor is shiny, simple, and should look good on top of any desk. 
  • Super thin: Curved screens take more space, so Samsung makes up for it by reducing the thickness to a mere 0.5 inches. 
  • AMD FreeSync: “Dynamically syncs the screen refresh rate with the frame rate of your content to minimize input latency and dramatically reduce image tearing and stutter during gaming.”
  • Vibrant picture quality: Samsung is known for its deep blacks and bright whites. With a 3000:1 contrast ratio, this monitor is no exception. 
  • More affordable than one would think: The price is good, considering what you are getting here. This monitor is $169.99.


  • Stuck at 1080p: This monitor also has a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution, which is not bad, but it’s also nothing to write home about. 
  • Inputs: You have to live with three ports: HDMI, D-sub, and AUX. 

Those who want a curved monitor have a great option from Samsung, but should keep in mind a monitor like this is mostly for media consumption. The screen also has a “wow factor” you can’t beat. Curved monitors are great conversation starters. It’s also good for the price. 

Other great options

While the above pics are our top picks for the best 24 inch monitor you can buy, there’s other great options out there worth at least mentioning. Here are a few other great choices:

Dell Ultra HD 4K P2415Q

best 24 inch monitors - Dell Ultra

This monitor drops the bells and whistles, but if what you want is a better panel, this may be the one. 


  • 4K UHD: The resolution has been taken up a notch with this Ultra High Definition monitor (3,840 x 2,169). This means you can watch higher-definition movies, edit larger photos, and more. Refresh rate is pretty standard at 60 Hz, but everything else makes up for that. 
  • 99 percent sRGB: With an IPS panel, this screen can reproduce more exact colors, reaching 99 percent of the sRGB spectrum. 
  • Still has plenty of ports: This thing has four USB ports, HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, and audio out. Not bad, right? 
  • Adjustable: You can play with height, pivot, swivel, and tilt. 
  • Cable management: Having all those USB ports means you will have peripherals and other devices hooked up to the monitor, so be sure to use the built-in cable management to keep all the wires hidden away. 


  • Even pricier: This thing costs $349.99 on Amazon. That’s a pretty penny for a monitor, but it’s a good option, and hardly the most expensive one out there. 
  • Larger bezels: Notice the change in designs? The Ultra Sharp will definitely look better on your desk. This monitor has larger bezels and isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other monitors. It doesn’t look horrible, though. 

At the end of the day, what matters is screen quality, and you would be future proofing yourself a bit with this monitor. It has plenty of ports, a good panel, 4K resolution, and great color accuracy. There’s not much to complain about here. 

Dell P2418HT Touch Monitor

best 24 inch monitors - Dell Touch

This post isn’t sponsored by Dell, I swear! They just happen to have great consumer monitors. This is the last one  — promise — and we are only adding it to our best 24 inch monitors list for one reason: the touch screen. 


  • Duh: It has 10-point touch support on an anti-glare screen, which also means it won’t be a fingerprint magnet. 
  • Freedom of position: You can work in any position you want. Because it can work as an oversized tablet of sorts, Dell made sure to turn this into a monitor that accommodates anyone. The stand can turn from a traditional upright position to a down-facing 60-degree touch orientation. 
  • Anti-glare screen: We all know how uncomfortable it can be working with a glass screen. They are shiny and glare is usually unbearable. 
  • Thin bezels: This monitor looks more like the Ultrasharp model mentioned above. Its bezels are super thin, making it easier to work with multiple monitors and minimizing desk space. 


  • The price: You are paying a bit over $300, pretty much just for the ability to use touch.
  • The panel: This panel has a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution with a 60 Hz refresh rate. Pretty standard. It offers good color reproduction thanks to the IPS technology, though. Other panel specs include a 16:9 ratio.
  • Ports: While it has some versatility, things look worse in this department (at least compared to the monitors above). This one comes with VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort compatibility. It also comes with 4 USB ports, half USB 2.0 and half 3.0. 

As mentioned above, the main lure here is the touchscreen. Other features are lacking, and port availability seems a little outdated. The panel itself is good too, but at over $300 it leaves much to be desired. Those who really need touch will love it, though. 


Acer Predator XB241H

best 24 inch monitors - Acer Predator

Want big and bad? Acer can do that too! The Acer Predator XB241H is meant for the most demanding gamers out there. 


  • Response time: This monitor has a 1 ms response time. This is as good as it gets for gamers. Most of us probably wouldn’t notice the difference, but it’s something to brag about. 
  • Super bright: Need to see someone lurking in the shadows? Don’t worry. With 350 nits of brightness, this monitor will ensure you miss nothing. 
  • Amazing refresh rate: Casual users won’t mind a 60 Hz refresh rate, but that is unacceptable for gamers. The Acer Predator XB241H takes things above and beyond with a 144 Hz refresh rate, which can be overclocked to 180 Hz. 
  • Hear the game: This one has speakers! They’re 2 watts each. True gamers will likely need their specialized headphones either way, but it’s nice to not have to worry about external desktop speakers. 
  • Sexy looks: This monitor makes a striking visual statement. Gaming monitors often look amazing, and this one is no exception. 


  • Lackluster definition: This thing is not cheap, and it deserves more than the standard 1080p resolution. 1080p is still great for gaming, but some of you might want to take advantage of 4K screens while keeping other features that are essential for video games. 
  • You must live with two ports: It’s only got a DisplayPort and an HDMI port. That’s it.

This monitor is amazing, but for very specific reasons only gamers will need. If you care about things like versatility, high resolution, or port availability, there are better options out there. At $350 it’s not the most expensive, but not the cheapest either. 


best 24 inch monitors - LG

LG knows how to make a good-looking monitor. But the LG 24MP88HV-S has more than good looks.


  • Infinity Display: That’s what LG calls their nearly bezel-less design (2.5 mm edges). This monitor is nearly borderless and will work perfectly, whether on its own or coupled with a secondary monitor. 
  • Elegance: The minimalism of the screen, coupled with a nice base, makes for a monitor that always looks good. This is probably the best-looking monitor on this list. 
  • 99 percent sRGB: Few monitors get close to 100 percent of the sRGB color spectrum, but this one does. This is likely thanks to the IPS panel.
  • Nifty features: Reader Mode, Black Stabilizer, and Screen Split 2.0 make this a unique monitor with features that are hard to find elsewhere. 


  • Resolution: Still 1080p!
  • Ports: Only 2xHDMI and 1xD-Sub.

This one seems fairly priced on our best 24 inch monitors list, at $217.99. It is a nice looking monitor with great color accuracy and some interesting built-in features. 


best 24 inch monitors - Asus

Here’s a good gaming monitor that doesn’t look like it was pulled out of sci fi. This one is for those who want the performance of a gaming screen without what some would consider “tacky” looks. 


  • Great response time: This monitor meets gaming standards by reducing response time to 1 ms. 
  • Refresh rates out of this world: 144 Hz means there will be no weird ghosting and things will move smoothly. 
  • Built-in 2W speakers: Once again, don’t need to worry about external speakers when you get this monitor. 
  • NVIDIA 3D Vision 2: Get compatible glasses and step into a whole other dimension. You can play in 3D! 


  • Ports: DisplayPort, Dual-link DVI-D, HDMI and a 3.5 mm headset jack. 
  • You know it: 1080p.

Nothing fancy here; just good specs on a nice monitor. At $258.99 it is a pretty good deal for avid gamers. 


best 24 inch monitor

It’s hard to find the best 24 inch monitors with definition higher than 1080p. Some people claim it is overkill, but fans of detailed images and crisp text will disagree. This is only the second on the list to go out of the norm with a WQHD resolution. 


  • WQHD resolution: It’s not quite 4K UHD, but this display has a 2,560 x 1,440 resolution. 
  • 100 percent sRGB: This is the only monitor in the list to reach the 100 percent sRGB mark, covering the whole color spectrum. 
  • ASUS Eye Care technology: Flicker-free and less blue light for lower eye strain. 
  • Thin bezels: ASUS’ “frameless” design lowers bezel thickness to 3.94 mm. The monitor will be great for multiple-screen set-ups, and provides a more minimalist look. 
  • Speakers: This monitor comes with a couple integrated 2W speakers to enjoy music, media, and other content. 


  • Slow response times: Response time is nothing special at 5 ms. 
  • No USB ports: It only has two HDMI ports, a D-Sub port, and a 3.5 mm headset jack. 

This monitor is geared for long hours of work. ASUS Eye Care technology will keep your eyes healthy and the higher definition should make everything look nicer. The design is well thought out, and the $249.99 price seems fair for what you get. 


BenQ Zowie - best 24 inch monitors

This one’s for heavy-duty gamers who need a serious monitor, but don’t want to go over 24 inches. This is the most expensive on our best 24 inch montiors list, and for good reason. 


  • A slightly larger screen: This one is technically a 24.5-inch monitor, so it is a little bigger. 
  • Refresh rates through the roof: 240 Hz. Need I say more? 
  • Instant response time: The monitor meets gaming standards with a 1 ms response time. 
  • Side shields: Don’t want distractions? Built-in side shields will make sure you keep your eyes where they should be. 
  • S-Switch: A small accessory allows you to save gaming profiles for different scenarios. Switch through them with the press of a button. 
  • Black Equalizer: Brighten dark scenes while keeping bright areas exposed properly. 
  • More ports: This one comes with one DVI port,  two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, a microphone jack, and 3 USB ports. 


  • The price: At $499, this is the most expensive monitor on the list. 
  • And guess what?: It is still 1080p!

If you want to go all out on a gaming monitor and really need to stick with the 24-inch size, this is likely your best bet. It is pricey, but for serious gamers it’s worth every single penny. 

What’s the best 24 inch monitor?

So what exactly is the best 24 inch monitor you can buy? Honestly, it depends on your needs. That said, if you aren’t looking for a gaming or 4K solution, most folks will find the Dell Ultrasharp U2417HJ is probably the most well rounded option. 

And that’s it for our look at the best 24 inch monitors you can buy. Have any other additions you can think of? Let us know in the comments. For those into gaming, be sure to check out our best gaming monitors guide. 
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