Best 10 inch tablets – Android, iOS and Windows

Ten-inch tablets offer the perfect equilibrium between productivity, entertainment, and portability. This golden balance has kept the market alive and thriving, and there’s a sea of options for you to choose from.

Here’s a list of some of the best 10-inch tablets you can buy. 

Android, iOS, or Windows?

Our best 10-inch tablets list focuses more the hardware, but knowing which OS you want is definitely something you should know before buying.

Take the time to consider which operating system offers the best ecosystem and platform for your needs. If you are living the Apple life, iOS will work more seamlessly with your other devices and services. If you want your tablet to be more functional and run desktop apps, in which case Windows is your best bet. If you need something that works more like a mobile device and you are well invested in the Google ecosystem, you might want to consider Android instead.

There are pros and cons to each operating system, but we will leave that conversation for another day. For now, just make sure you get the right one for you.

best 10 inch tablet

Best 10-inch Tablets – What to look for

For starters, quality materials and craftsmanship are definitely something to look for when buying a new tablet.

Specifications are also a factor to consider carefully. You need to make sure your tablet can run the software you need. If you don’t need much power, make sure you are not paying for specs you don’t need.

Design and availability of accessories are also important, and the price tag can be the final deciding factor for any tablet purchase.

Let’s look at a few contenders for best 10-inch tablet. In line with how these devices are generally marketed, we will consider any tablet from about 9.7-inches up to 10.5-inches in this 10-inch category.

iPad 9.7 (2018)

Best Tablets | iPad 9.7

You can’t go wrong with the iPad — it has long stood as the king of tablets. This screen size has been on the market since the very first iPad launched and the 2018 version doesn’t disappoint. It comes with the well-known Retina Display, an A10 Fusion chip, and the same amazing design as the rest of the iPad line.

It starts at $329, which is a great price for a device with this level of capability. It also supports the Apple Pen, which used to be an iPad Pro exclusive feature. The 10-hour battery life is very welcome, too.

iPad Pro 10.5

Best Tablets | iPad Pro 10.5

Those who want a more capable tablet can step it up to an iPad Pro 10.5, which starts at $649. Is it nearly-twice-the-price better than the regular iPad? They are quite different. For starters, the iPad 10.5 has a larger 2224 x 1668  resolution screen, but keeps the same 264ppi pixel density.

Talking about the screen, a few differences aren’t noticeable at first. The iPad Pro 10.5 has a fully laminated display, which means there is no separation between the panel and the glass, making it more solid. It also offers a P3 wide color gamut, Apple’s True Tone technology, and ProMotion technology. The screen is brighter at 600 nits and has a 120Hz refresh rate. The tablet also has a more capable A10X chip, better cameras, and more storage availability. This thing is a beast.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Best Tablets | Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Android has by far the most tablet options on the market, but most of them aren’t worth considering. If you’re willing to pay for it ($515), Samsung has a great option for you.

Like its smartphone counterparts, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is built from the ground up with quality in mind. It has a beautiful design, capable internals, stylus support, and an impressive screen. If you’re looking for an Android tablet that can be what you need it to be, when you need it, this is probably your best bet.

It has a 9.7-inch 2048 x 1536 display, Android Nougat, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, and a 6000mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Book 10.6

samsung galaxy book | best 10 inch tablet

Samsung also has a 10.6-inch option for those of you who would rather operate on a Windows machine. The Samsung Galaxy Book comes running Windows 10 and may be able to handle your workload better than a mobile-optimized device. 

Powerful Windows tablets are usually bigger and thicker than this 1.42-pound, 0.35-inch thick Samsung pad. Its Intel Core M3 is good, but don’t expect it to edit video and heavy photos too well. having only 4GB of RAM is also a bit limiting. If you can get over those few downsides, this is a pretty good machine.

The Samsung Galaxy Book comes with a 9-hour battery life, a 1920 x 1280 display, S-Pen support, and 64GB of internal storage (can be upgraded to 128GB). Its $629.99 price point may seem a bit high for those specs, but you are really paying for the quality design and extreme portability.

Lenovo Yoga Book with Windows

Lenovo Yoga Book | Best 10 inch tablet

This has to be one of the most interesting Windows 2-in-1 devices available in the market. It isn’t technically a tablet, but we have decided to add it due to its design and thinness. It easily turns into a tablet without adding much bulk.

The Lenovo Yoga Book comes with what looks like a keyboard, but it happens to be just a touch panel with a keyboard layout that lights up. When needed, it can be used as a stylus drawing tablet, which could be of great use to creatives.

Devices like this are often great creatives, but rarely come with enough horsepower to really run full creative apps. This is no exception. The Lenovo Yoga Book comes with an Intel Atom X5 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage — it’s not bad, but it will struggle with more demanding software. 

It boasts 13 hours of battery life and a construction sure to cause envy. The metal body is solid and looks amazing. It’s a mere 9.6mm thick. The device is currently available for $429.98 from Amazon — not a bad deal.

Which is the best 10-inch tablet?

As always, such question is hard to answer. You will definitely have a hard time finding a quality Windows machine. If you need power, something like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will probably suit your needs better. If you need more performance at 10 inches, it’s best you go with iOS or Android.

Which of these is your favorite? Hit the comments to let us know!

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