Behold The Wall, Samsung’s gigantic, modular MicroLED TV

CES has always had a strong TV component and this year is no exception. Among the many TV-related announcements, Samsung stood out with a TV set that is big enough to warrant the name “The Wall”.

The Wall is a modular MicroLED TV, the first modular TV set for consumers, according to Samsung. It’s absolutely huge at 146-inch and it’s very thin – supposedly it’s comparable to the OLED TVs put out by Korean archrival LG.

MicroLED technology uses microscopic self-emitting LEDs, somehow resembling the OLED technology, which is also self-emitting and therefore foregoes a backlight. This has several benefits. For one, the display is thinner, though admittedly, few users complain about the thickness of modern TV sets. MicroLED panels are bezel-less, because the circuitry is embedded within the panel itself rather than the bezel. Because there’s no black edge, Samsung is able to assemble multiple MicroLED panels into one 146-inch unit. Most importantly, MicroLED offers image quality that rivals OLED, with higher brightness, deeper blacks, and higher contrast rates than conventional LED or QLED.

It’s not clear yet what modularity means in the case of The Wall, but Samsung says customers will be able to customize it for their needs. Presumably customers will be able to fill an entire wall with the display, though it’s less likely that they will be able to choose custom form factors.

The Wall runs in 4K and is, for now, a concept. Samsung did not reveal details about its commercialization, but the company said it would hold a global launch for The Wall sometime this spring.

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