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Nest Secure review – home security made smarter!

Nirave GondhiaMarch 20
Can the internet make home security smarter and easier? Should you buy a traditional alarm system, or jump on the modern wave of smart alarm systems? Let's find out in our Nest Secure review!

Huawei MateBook X Pro review – exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

Nirave GondhiaMarch 13
Huawei is betting big on its mobile computing division and the Matebook X Pro has several features that help it stand apart from other computers. Let's take a closer look in this full review.

AR Emoji vs Animoji: The differences explained

Nirave GondhiaFebruary 25
Last year, the iPhone X bought Animoji, and Samsung’s comparative attempt — AR Emoji — brings a similar overall experience. What are the key differences?

Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 3 – two generations of power

Nirave GondhiaJanuary 3
Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 3 may be one generation updated, but that's two generations of power under the hood, check out our Microsoft tablet shootout.

Dell XPS 13 Review: Is this the best that you can buy?

Nirave GondhiaMay 30, 2017
Dell's XPS range seems like a great ultrabook but does it deliver? Is the XPS 13 the best option if you want portability and style? Here's our review. (Updated with benchmark tests.)

Dell XPS 13 vs Apple Macbook 12: Ultrabook Showdown!

Nirave GondhiaMay 17, 2017
What's the best ultrabook that you can buy? The XPS 13 or the Macbook 12 and which should you buy? Find out in Dell XPS 13 vs Apple Macbook 12 showdown!

Apple iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case review

Nirave GondhiaMay 17, 2017
Sporting a very unique design, lightning connector and a 2,365mAh extra battery for your iPhone, is the iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case the perfect accessory?

Macbook 2016 (12-inch) review

Nirave GondhiaMay 13, 2017
The Macbook 2016 is here and with a 12-inch display, it possibly offers the ultimate portable form factor, but is it worth its high price? Let's find out!

Dell XPS 15 2016 review – watch out Apple!

Nirave GondhiaMay 11, 2017
Does the follow up to one of last year's best ultrabooks also deliver and is the XPS 15 the best that money can buy? Find out in this Dell XPS 15 review!

Apple iPhone 7 / Plus Battery Life – how long does it last?

Nirave GondhiaApril 27, 2017
The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus may have smaller batteries than Android phones but just how long do they last? Find out in our iPhone 7 Battery review!

Apple iPhone 7 Plus review – better and balanced (Updated)

Nirave GondhiaApril 27, 2017
The iPhone 7 Plus brings a series of improvements over both the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 7, but is it enough? Find out in our iPhone 7 Plus review.
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