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NVIDIA’s new ISAAC robotics platform trains itself in VR

David ImelJune 4
NVIDIA's new ISAAC developer platform will power the robots of the future and train themselves in virtual reality. Get ready for the robot revolution.

The best electric scooters on the market (2018)

David ImelMay 31
There are quite a lot good electric scooters on the market, ranging from very affordable to extremely expensive. So which is the best electric scooter for you?

LG leads the pack at Display Week 2018

David ImelMay 25
LG showed off a number of new panels at Display Week 2018. From foldable to sound-emitting, there's a new technology for everyone at this show.

Display Week 2018: A look at the future of E Ink displays

David ImelMay 25
E Ink isn't a new technology, but recent advancements in things like colored-ink displays are making this tech look like the future of low-power displays.

The best electric skateboards

David ImelMay 9
You've got a lot of options if you want to jump into the world of electric transportation, but electric skateboards are some of the most fun. Here are the best options.

Oculus Go hands on

David ImelMarch 30
The $199 Oculus Go is Facebook's solution to fully standalone mobile gaming. But is it as good as it sounds? We went hands on with the device at GDC 2018.

Lenovo announces three new Yoga notebooks, we go hands-on

David ImelFebruary 26
Lenovo has just announced the Yoga 730 13- and 15-inch notebooks, as well as the Flex 14 14-inch notebook.

Razer is bringing Chroma to the home with Phillips Hue

David ImelJanuary 10
At CES 2018 Razer and Phillips Hue are teaming up to bring Chroma to the home.

Razer Project Linda hands-on: Your Razer Phone becomes the brain of your laptop

David ImelJanuary 9
Razer just unveiled Project Linda, a laptop-phone hybrid that uses the company's new handset to bring your life to the big screen.

Best car sharing services

David ImelSeptember 26, 2017
Car sharing has become the normal way to get around in cities for many people, and these are the best car sharing services.

Amazon Echo Show Review

David ImelSeptember 25, 2017
The Amazon Echo Review has been on the market for a little while now, but should you consider buying it? That's what we aim to answer.
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