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Allison Goldberg

Alli is a performer and entrepreneur whose work looks at communication, internet culture, tech, and identity in the digital age. Her work has been featured on Good Morning America and the cover of Time Out, as well as in WIRED, Forbes, and many more. She's excited to be diving deeper into how tech is changing our lives with DGiT.

Allison's Posts

Why laptops are becoming more like smartphones

Allison Goldberg
PC sales have been declining for 12 quarters straight, but Microsoft thinks it found a way to reverse the trend: make laptops more like smartphones.

The makers of Pokemon Go are developing a Harry Potter AR game

Allison Goldberg
Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is Niantic’s next game, set in JK Rowling’s beloved Harry Potter universe.

Lab-grown mosquitos could help eradicate disease-bearing bugs

Allison Goldberg
Lab-grown Asian tiger mosquitos could help control or even eradicate the massive wild populations that plague the Southeast.

Intel and AMD are teaming up for an impressive integrated chip

Allison Goldberg
Intel dominates the CPU market, AMD is still a strong player in GPUs, and now the two chipmakers are teaming up to take on a common enemy.

Fight Kylo Ren in AR with Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Allison Goldberg
Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is a serious contender for “Most popular Christmas gift of 2017.”

Netflix is eyeing a ‘House of Cards’ spin-off

Allison Goldberg
House of Cards will end after its sixth season, but the universe of Frank Underwood might live on.

Bitcoin goes above $6500, as CME announces futures

Allison Goldberg
Bitcoin smashed through the $6500 floor, growing more than 5 percent after news of the CME futures plan broke.

Is Russia bringing ekranoplans back?

Allison Goldberg
Two decades after it decommissioned its last ekranoplan, the Russian Navy revealed plans to launch a gigantic new ground effect vehicle.

iPhone X goes on pre-order and promptly sells out

Allison Goldberg
To no one’s surprise, the iPhone X is hard to get.

Why Singapore is capping the number of cars on its roads

Allison Goldberg
Singapore announced plans to cap the total number of cars allowed in the country to the current number

Tesla will set up shop in Shanghai in bid to crack Chinese market

Allison Goldberg
Tesla reached a deal with the government of Shanghai to build a fully-owned factory in the city’s free economic area.
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