ASUS starts selling its Mixed Reality headset for $429

Asus has finally begun to sell its Mixed Reality headset.  Creatively named ‘Windows Mixed Reality Headset HC102’, the device was announced at last year’s IFA and is available at B&H for $429, according to The Verge. While not the most expensive option, it falls in line with many other headsets that come with motion controllers.

The HC201 has a unique polygon design that’s reminiscent of the Nokia Prism phones of yore, and the specs are fairly in-line with the competition. It offers a 3K (2880×1440) display with 1440×1440 per eye, a 95° field of view, and a 90Hz refresh rate. The motion controllers are pretty standard with 32 LED lights to help track your movements.

The device is one of several in a lineup of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. They’re similar to devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but they don’t require the use of external sensors, with everything bundled into the headset. Mixed Reality headsets are more plug-and-play, needing only a Windows 10 computer to work. The name is a bit misleading though, as the devices only offer a virtual reality experience. This is different from augmented reality offered by devices like HoloLens, where there is a virtual overlay interacting with the real world. Microsoft is betting that the two  experiences will one day come together.

The big question here is why you’d want this over something more advanced like the Rift or Vive. Honestly, it comes down to cost. If you have a more mid-range PC, this will likely work with it. In contrast, the Rift and Vive require much beefier specs. When it comes to performance, library of games, and pretty much every other factor? Rift and Vive, or even the PSVR, are better ways to go. Still, more options aren’t a bad thing right?

For more information on the ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset HC102, check out their product page.

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