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The best electric motorcycles you can buy right now

Electric motorcycles are making a comeback and here are 10 of the best, fastest and most expensive battery-powered bikes for the public road.
22 hours ago

The best electric scooters on the market (2019)

There are quite a lot good electric scooters on the market, ranging from very affordable to extremely expensive. So which is the best electric scooter for you?
2 days ago

Your guide to VR porn: how to watch it and where to find it (NSFW)

Arguably one of the most popular uses for VR, heck, for the internet, in general, is porn. So how do you get your hands on VR porn? Find out with this handy guide.
5 days ago

Google Home or Google Assistant not working for you? Here’s some possible fixes

Find that your Google Home or Google Assistant isn't working as it should? Here's some possible tips that apply to both phones and Google Home itself.
6 days ago

Best electric cars – a buyer’s guide

The future of automotive transportation is electric.
April 15

Hulu not working? Here are some ways to fix it

Do you find Hulu not working when you sign onto the service? If so, here are a number of helpful tips that fix those problems.
April 13

I’m going to ditch Netflix for Disney Plus – here’s why

Come November 12th, I'll wave goodbye to Netflix and say hello to Disney Plus.
April 12

SF Motors is now Seres, reveals launch date for first EV

SF Motors is now Seres, and it has big plans for the near future.
April 11

Roku remote not working? Here are some possible fixes

Issues with the Roku remote are annoying but should easily be solved. Here's a list of possible solutions.
April 11

Best Dating Apps for iOS

Dating in the modern world is hard. To help you get started, we've selected the best dating apps for iOS!
April 9

How to steal millions from Facebook and Google: invoice them

Today's DGiT Daily newsletter didn't do a man who stole $122m from Facebook and Google justice. Here's what happened.
March 25

Apple’s new iPad updates – everything you need to know

Apple has released a new iPad mini with a faster processor and Apple Pencil support, along with a new iPad Air model as well.
March 18
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