Smart Home

Smart Home - buyer's guide

Andrew GrushAugust 7
Alternative Transportation

Our guide to electric cars, scooters, mopeds and more

August 7
TV & Streaming

Cordcutter's guide - stop paying for traditional cable!

August 8
The Best

14 EV classic car conversions that are pure awesomeness

April 20

How to take a screenshot on an iPad (all models)

DGiTAugust 17
Capture the moment on your iPad!

How to delete apps on iPhone 7

Jonathan FeistJuly 7
It only takes a moment to install an app on your iPhone 7, luckily, it's just as fast to delete apps on iPhone 7. For those new to iOS, here's how it's done.

iPad screen protectors – Do you need one?

DGiTMay 15
Protect your iPad with these screen protectors.

Apple iPad Air 2 vs iPad Mini 4

Jonathan FeistMay 7
Apple summarized the iPad Mini 4 as being the iPad Air 2 in a compact size, we put that to the test in our iPad Air 2 vs iPad Mini 4 comparison.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 7 Plus: which should you buy?

Kris CarlonMay 3
With the new iPhones out, you need to ask yourself: should you buy the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, or hold out until next year's 10th anniversary iPhone 8?

Apple iPad Air vs iPad Air 2

DGiTMay 1
Now that the two tablets are well into their life cycle, we put the Apple iPad Air up against the iPad Air 2, just to see how they are holding up.

The 25 Best Windows Games for Tablets (March 2018)

DGiTMarch 5
Some cool Windows games to keep you busy!

Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 3 – two generations of power

Nirave GondhiaJanuary 3
Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Pro 3 may be one generation updated, but that's two generations of power under the hood, check out our Microsoft tablet shootout.

Here are the best waterproof cameras – which underwater camera is right for you?

Andrew GrushSeptember 6, 2017
Looking to take some marine life photos, or just love the idea of shooting with an underwater camera? Join us as we look at the best waterproof cameras.

Surface Pro 3 Battery Life and 5 ways to improve it

DGiTAugust 2, 2017
Battery life tips!

10 best tower defense games for iPad

DGiTAugust 1, 2017
Have some fun with these Tower defence games!
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