The iPhone X represents the future of the Apple brand, at least in theory. In reality, the reception has been somewhat mixed for the device. The good news is Apple isn’t giving up on its vision and is taking additional steps to ensure developers embrace the iPhone X.

According to 9to5Mac, an email sent by Apple states that “all new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK.” This means that apps coming to the App Store will not only have to take advantage of the iPhone X’s Super Retina Display, but also adhere to the notch.

The new requirement for the iOS 11 SDK does not necessarily mean that developers must utilize the new features, nor is it requiring existing apps to be updated to support iOS 11 or the iPhone X.

Since the introduction of the iPhone X, the notch has become a hit or miss design attribute for iPhone users, perhaps contributing to the poorer-than-expected sales for the flagship device. Apple has stuck by it, embracing the new design as a visual derivative from its previous devices which more-or-less kept the same design language since the inception of the iPhone. And despite being a polarizing characteristic for consumers and developers, Android manufacturers are looking to embrace similar designs, with Google even rumored to encourage it in the next version of Android.

Apple is hoping that the decision to require the iOS 11 SDK will also encourage developers to adopt new features and APIs, such as Core ML, SiriKit, and ARKit, although their support is not mandatory. The requirement will take effect April 2018.

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