Apple iOS 12 – everything you need to know

During his Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2018) keynote, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced a number of new features that iPhone and iPad users can look forward to with the upcoming iOS 12.

The name of the game with Apple’s new operating system is speed, productivity, and convenience. The lean iOS 12 is designed to run on any phone that can handle its predecessor, iOS 11, which will likely be a relief to anyone using an older phone who doesn’t want to be left behind.

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So what can you expect from Apple iOS 12? Today, Apple laid out everything iPad and iPhone users can look forward to this fall. There’s a lot, from a faster, more responsive experience, to redesigned Apple News and Apple Books apps, to Voice Memos and Stocks coming to iPad.

Here are some of the highlights!

Enhanced privacy

Apple iOS 12

No doubt privacy is on everyone’s minds following the highly publicized security breaches at Facebook over the last couple of years.

When you use Safari with iOS 12, Apple will prevent social media sites from sharing your information when you use their “Like” or “Share” buttons and comment widgets. This default setting should put wary users’ mids at ease.

Siri shortcuts

Apple iOS 12

It’s about to get a lot easier to use Siri for all your daily needs.

With iOS 12, you’ll be able to set up simple voice commands that work with third-party apps. You can customize your Siri shortcuts to make the smart assistant compatible with virtually any of your apps.

Set up your reminders, order food via delivery apps, manage your budget, you name it! Siri will be a whole lot more helpful come fall.

Do Not Disturb and Screen Time

Apple iOS 12

It’s getting harder and harder to ignore how much our mobile devices can mess with our lives. Even when you set your phone to silent and turn off vibration, catching a flare-up of light out of the corner of your eye can be enough to ruin a night by drawing you back into phone land when you should be sleeping.

Apple has a clever fix with its new Do Not Disturb feature on iOS 12. It not only allows you to set your phone to buzz off during a date or business meeting, it also includes a bedtime feature. This means your phone will forego notifications, including keeping your screen dark, until you say otherwise in the morning.

And if you want to understand your own habits better (to break the bad ones, no doubt), Screen Time offers up a breakdown of your activities, so you can see exactly what you’ve been up to.


Apple ios 12

Along with new Animoji features in iOS 12 generally, the big change you can expect is Apple’s new Memoji feature. Users will be able to create their own, custom Animoji, modelled on themselves.

Memojis aren’t so much a new idea as a flagrant ripoff of Bitmoji, but who says Apple can’t get in on the Bitmoji action?

These will be a fun way to spice up your text messages with more personalized, custom-made images to reflect who you are.

Group FaceTime

Apple ios 12

It’s about time! Apple has heard your many complaints and reacted.

It’s remarkable that FaceTime was limited to one-on-one interactions between Apple users for so long. It’s like Apple wanted to funnel people into its competitors’ ecosystems all this time.

Skype and Google Hangouts have been capable of group video chat for years, so it’s frankly baffling that it took Apple this long.

Of course, Apple is bringing something new to the table here, with a dynamic multi-screen mode that feels like a good balance between stable visuals and shifting focus.


Apple ios 12 ARKit

For the developers out there, ARKit 2 should be a particularly appealing feature of iOS 12.

Developed with Pixar, ARKit 2 allows for the creation of new AR apps and includes new tools to integrate shared experiences, persistent AR experiences tied to a specific location, object detection, image tracking, and more.

Wrap up

Apple’s new iOS 12 represents a pretty major upgrade, and we can’t wait to test it out as soon as it becomes available.

iOS 12 will be available as a free upgrade sometime this fall. It will be compatible with iPhone 5s and later, all iPad Air and iPad Pro models, fifth- and sixth-generation iPad, iPad Mini 2 and later, and sixth-generation iPod touch.

What are you most excited for with Apple iOS 12? Will this keep you on the Apple bandwagon, or even convince you ditch Android? Let us know where you stand in the comments!

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