Apple is finally shipping its long-awaited HomePod speaker to customers who pre-ordered the device. Pre-orders opened last month on January 26th and devices are expected to hit stores February 9th, which, according to PhoneArena, is when customers should expect their devices to arrive.

The speaker was announced last June and features Siri integration as well as Bluetooth 5. It’s available in black or white and will set you back a good $349 if you’re in the US (£319 in the UK, and A$499 in Australia). According to Apple, the device should ship in just one business day with no delays, which frankly makes sense 8 months later. You can always check your local Apple store or BestBuy for their availability, or just to play with one.

Unfortunately, iOS 11 is required to set up the device, meaning that Android users are pretty much out of luck for those of you who were looking into purchasing one. On the other hand, there’s always the Amazon Echo or Google Home, both of which are much cheaper and more universally accessible. Early reviews also suggest that Amazon and Google’s solutions are much better at the smart part of the smart speaker experience anyhow. 

Stay tuned to DGiT as we will be bringing you a full review and more in the days and weeks to come!

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