Now all you have to do is shout out, “Hey Alexa, unlock my door.”

Welcome to the future. Schlage, a company that’s typically known for its analog door hardware, has officially announced Alexa integration with its various lines of connected smart locks. Beginning today, you can command your door to unlock itself through your Amazon Echo, and it’ll abide.

The Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt can be integrated as a skill from inside the Alexa app. It enables you to lock and check the status of your door, though you can also set up routines. For instance, you can set up a “good night” routine, which will trigger the Schlage front door to lock and turn off any connected bulbs you might have installed to save energy. Additionally, there’s a “hello” routine that turns on the lights, adjusts the thermostat, and unlocks the door in preparation for your arrival.

The Alexa integration announced here will work with the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter, too, sold separately. And if you don’t have an Amazon Echo in your home, take heed that Schlage’s connected locks also work with Apple’s HomeKit, as well as the Schlage Sense app for Android.

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