How to use Alexa Cast to stream music on Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is a great way to simplify your media needs and get things done with voice commands. Voice commands can be a little limiting though, which is why other smart speakers like the Google Home offer a casting option. Casting lets you send music from your phone to your speaker without pausing or restarting.

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Amazon now offers the same thing with the recently announced Alexa Cast. Alexa Cast lets you cast audio from your phone via the Amazon Music app to the Echo or any other Alexa-connected speakers (like the Sonos One or Libratone Zip).

How does Alexa Cast work?

First, make sure you’re an Amazon Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber. If you’re not, your Alexa Cast will be, well, nonexistent.

cast music to Echo - Alexa Cast

Once you’re all signed up, it’s easy to cast music to Echo or another Alexa-enabled speaker.

  • Open the Amazon Music app.
  • Play a song of your choice.
  • Swipe up on the song you’re playing.
  • Click on the Alexa Cast icon in the lower right.
  • Click on your Echo device or an Alexa-enabled speaker of your choice.

That’s all there is to it.

Granted, you could already listen to music on your Alexa-connected speakers. And being able to chat with Alexa has been a great feature all along. You can still say something like, “Hey, Alexa, play ‘Don’t Fear the Reaper,'” and your music will start like magic. Alexa Cast just gives you more options.

If you’re walking into your house with your earbuds in and want to seamlessly switch over to your Echo, you won’t have to waste time stopping your song and getting Alexa to skip ahead to wherever you were in an album or playlist.

cast music to Echo - Alexa Cast

If you want to switch back to Alexa on your Echo, disconnecting is easy as pie:

  • Open the Amazon Music app.
  • Click the Alexa Cast logo again.
  • Find your device in the list provided.
  • Click Disconnect next to the appropriate device.

Have you tried Alexa Cast? Has it met your needs and cast music to Echo as easily as advertized?

Let us know what you think or if you’ve run into any problems in the comments below!

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