With plenty of anticipation around the iPhone X, we completely understand why three people would take it upon themselves to skip the lines and steal hundreds of iPhone X devices from a UPS truck parked outside a San Francisco Apple Store.

Wait, what? Yes, this happened, and no, they have not been caught yet. Surprise, right?

The iPhone X is in high demand. People have been in line waiting for Apple’s $1,000 flagship for weeks, so there is a good deal of anticipation and fervor surrounding the iPhone X. The phone is available as of this writing, but unless you got your hands on one at an Apple Store or were given a guaranteed November 3 delivery, expect to wait a few weeks.

Three men decided to skip the lines. According to a police report, three people dressed in hoodies stole 313 iPhone X models from a UPS truck parked outside an Apple Store in San Francisco. The total value is estimated to be over $370,000, making this one of the biggest iPhone thefts yet. Plus, with each iPhone X having been cataloged with a description and serial number, that police report could not have been small.

The theft comes at a bad time. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that week-by-week outputs for the iPhone X have increased, but it is no secret that Apple has reportedly struggled to make enough of the $1,000 flagship to satisfy demand. Cook could not predict when the balance of supply and demand would happen, but given the iPhone X’s status as Apple’s most advanced smartphone to date, that might not happen for quite some time.

If you have your eyes set on an iPhone X, it’s understandable if you feel a bit impatient if you are waiting weeks for your device. At the same time, it’s better to pay $1,000 for a smartphone than pay thousands of dollars more and years of your life in jail.

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