Did you follow along our best photo editing apps list for Android tablets this past week? If you skipped it because you are an iPad user, we are here with the list you are looking for.

We all know that the best photo editing tools live on the PC. However, with 64-bit quad-core and bigger processors hitting mobile devices, and app developers putting these powerful tablets to work, you may solve all of your image manipulation needs with this group of the best photo editing apps for iPad.

Before we dive in, I just wanted to take a moment to warn that you are about to see a number of the same apps as our Android list, we can’t help it, these developers are treating both platforms with respect, and that is great news for all Android and Apple tablet users.

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Mix

[Price: Free]
Starting things off, again, is two entries by the company who’s PC apps are generally consider the best available image editing programs around, I give you Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Mix. Familiar names for these fairly recently released apps for the iPad. The apps continue to offer different capabilities, with Lightroom being your tool for RAW images and Photoshop Mix offering more of the traditional photo modification tools you might expect in this article. The apps connect with Adobe Create Cloud, allowing you to easily work with the images on your PC, for when the full featured versions of these apps are required. Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Mix are free to use.

Google Photos

[Price: Free]
Google Photos, and Google+ Photos before it, may not be your go-to source for image manipulation, but I will use Google Photos to introduce the simple image editing that can be done in many similar apps and services based around photo storage and sharing. Apps like Instagram, Google Photos and more offer some basic crop, color and frame tools, and they are usually free.

Font Candy Typography Photo Editor

[Price: Free or $2.99 pro version]
Font Candy is not your traditional image editor either, instead it provides a quick and easy way to add text onto your images. The extensive list of fonts and customization make this an excellent choice for those looking to put a few words to their work.


[Price: Free]
Sometimes, all you are looking to do is change a photo to look like something completely unique and different, PhotSketch takes a single approach to image editing, offering fine tuned controls to creating a pencil drawn look to your photo. Normally we would not include a single purpose tool in a general image editing app list, but we were impressed by how well the app works, especially compared to some of the cartoon/pencil drawing effects available in some of the other apps here today. Check out PhotoSketch for free.

Photo Editor by Aviary

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Photo Editor by Aviary is also a fairly new player in the mobile space, offering an excellent app experience with easy to use photo editing tools. Some of the features include one-tap auto-enhance, lots of built-in effects and frames and the familiar crop, color, frame tools. As one of the more powerful, yet easy to use apps on this list, we highly recommend Photo Editor by Aviary.

Pic Collage

[Price: Free]
When it comes time to piece a few images together into one larger image, Pic Collage is a solid solution for you. Offering up many different layouts, styles and themes, you should have no issues creating great image walls. Not much more to say about this guy, just a great app for this single purpose. Check out Pic Collage for free.


[Price: Free]
VSCOCam is another app and service designed to help you edit and share your best images. VSCOCam has a vibrant community of avid mobile photographers, and the app is a very clean, you might say minimalist in design, relying on gestures and hidden controls to bring the best effects to your images. Check it our for free and add extra filters through the in-app marketplace.

Autodesk Pixlr – photo editor

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]
Pixlr by Autodesk is another fairly in-depth photo editor. Loaded with a thorough selection of crop, color and frame tools intended to rival Photoshop and all the rest, there is little you cannot do with this app. Pixlr is well designed for the iPad, taking advantage of the larger screen real estate makes this a lot easier than messing around on a phone. Check out Pixlr by Autodesk for free.

Slim & Skinny

[Price: Free]
Forgive me a moment for putting such a vein app on the list, I know how many of you may feel about apps like this, especially if you are a Tinder user wondering about how authentic the folks are on the other end. Thing is, Slim & Skinny is capable of some fairly respectable editing functions. With face detection and the ability to very easily warp an image with minimal side effects, you may not have a daily use for this app, but it can be a great tool for more than just trying to make yourself look skinny. Check it out for free.


[Price: Free]
Snapseed is a great photo editing app, recently purchased by Google, some of its features were even ported to Google+. Offering up the familiar crop, color and frame tools of most mainstream apps, it may not be as full featured as apps like Photoshop and Aviary, but for a free app that ties nicely into your social streams, Snapseed is a steal at its price point, free.

Wrap up

With so many apps available for the iPad, it was hard for us to narrow this list down to these few, do you have a favorite that we missed here today, hit us up in the comments with your favorite.

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