10 best Google Home games

Google Home is not all information, productivity, and home automation. Google Assistant can be pretty funny at times, and there are even Google Home games you can play when lounging around the house.

Of course, this is no gaming console, it’s a smart speaker! That means all titles are in the cloud and have no visuals; they are exclusively played with audio. This means you need to get your creativity and imagination running to enjoy some of them. In some cases, games simply don’t work very well with sound only. And there is a long list of games available, so finding the good ones can be an exhausting chore.

We have put together a list of our 10 favorite Google Home games to get you started with the cream of the crop. Shall we get started?

To launch any of these games, simply say: “OK, Google. Play_____.”

Mystery Sounds

Are you good at guessing sounds? You can test your abilities playing Mystery Sounds. Google Home will play an everyday noise and you will get a chance to guess what it is. Points are awarded for every right answer, and players get more points if they respond quickly. It is a fun Google Home game to play with the kids, who tend to marvel at mundane sounds.

Absolutely Amazing Trivia

Another fun game to play with family and friends is trivia, and this one happens to be our favorite available for Google Home. Absolutely Amazing Trivia lives up to its name, covering a wide range of topics and keeping people entertained.

Never Have I Ever

Can’t come up with something you have never done? I get stuck in these games all the time, and with Google Home it is easy to get some help. Simply say the command and Google Home will say “Never have I ever _____,” filling in the blank for you.

My only issue with this game is that there is no continuity in game play. You have to say “OK, Google. Play Never have I ever” every single time you need a suggestion.

Freeze Dance

This is a fun Google Home game to play with your friends at parties. It will play music, then stop it suddenly when it’s time to freeze. A female voice will give people directions, explain rules, and animate the party telling people which silly dance moves to make. I’ve had plenty of fun with this one, so go try it at your next party.

Imaginary Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a simple game, until you have to imagine the board and remember your picks. Because there is no visual in Google Home games, you need to imagine the board and beat the computer, all while trying to remember where all the Xs and Os are.

It is difficult; like playing a memory game and Tic Tac Toe simultaneously. You can write it down too, if you are not feeling like a challenge, though.

Best Google Home games | Google Home Mini

Sound Pet

Remember Tamagotchi? Those keychain devices gave kids access to virtual pets, allowing users to feed them, play with them, clean them up, and more. Sound Pet is a similar concept, but with audio only.

You will need to look for a sound pet and get him to like you. After this, a commentator will help you learn how to take care of this virtual pet. You can train it, feed it, play with it, and more.


Akinator is a Google Home game in which a genie will try to guess any character (real or fictional). You’ll be asked a series of “yes” or “no” questions. So far, I have not been able to stump the genie, but it is pretty fun seeing how he can cancel out characters from question to question to find the right one.

21 Blackjack

Blackjack fans will feel right at home with this one. The rules are the same, you need to get as close to 21 without busting. The dealer will give you voice instructions and tell you which cards you have in your hand. Then she will also tell you her situation. Whoever gets closer to 21 without surpassing it wins.

6 Swords

6 Swords is an RPG game in which you can explore towns, castles, dungeons, and more, with a team of 6 characters. Of course, they will grow stronger with time, and you will be faced with important decisions that will affect the future of the story. It is like playing Dungeons and Dragons, but with your Google Home.

This is a very fun game… if you are patient. Like with any other RPG, you will need to invest plenty of time and attention to 6 Swords. Get ready for the adventure, as it may be long one!

Dustin from Stranger Things

Are you a Stranger Things fan? Many of us are, so this game simply couldn’t be ignored. Say: “OK, Google. Talk to Dustin from Stranger Things.” Google Home will act as a walkie talkie and you will be able to provide “crucial direction to the show’s characters as they tackle adventures from season two.”


Songpop is a fun mobile app, but did you know there’s a Google Home version too? Say: “Ok, Google. Play Songpop” and then you can pick your genre. The game gives you a small clip from a song and you have to guess it. This game would be one of our favorites, but it’s buggy as all get out. Still, it’s pretty fun if you can overlook just how janky the game can be.

Having fun? These are some of the best Google Home games available, so give them a try and let us know what you think. Also, hit the comments and tell us if there are any other Google Home games you enjoy. And of course, if you’re looking for even more Google Home games to try, you can find all of them over at Google’s official website.

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