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Need to know how to use Siri? Here’s your ultimate guide

Kevin Parrish12 hours ago
If you have a modern Apple device, you're probably more than aware of Siri. But are you using it to its fullest?`

Buyer’s Guide: The best Samsung tablets you can buy in 2018

Kevin ParrishOctober 31
These are the best Samsung tablets you can buy.

Your guide to VR porn: how to watch it and where to find it (NSFW)

Edgar CervantesOctober 31
Arguably one of the most popular uses for VR, heck, for the internet, in general, is porn. So how do you get your hands on VR porn? Find out with this handy guide.

Apple announces new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and even a new Mac Mini

John CallahamOctober 30
Apple recently announced plenty of new hardware.

The best Smart coffee makers – what are your options?

DGiTOctober 29
Almost every possibly appliance in your house is quickly becoming smart. Are smart coffee makers next? Check out the best available today?

4K vs 1080p – 5 reasons to upgrade and 5 reasons to keep the old HD

Joe HindyOctober 29
You're looking to get a TV. You're thinking maybe a 1080p TV or a 4K TV but you don't know which one. Maybe we can help! Here's our 4K vs 1080p comparison!

Check out the best classic movies on Netflix

Frederick BlichertOctober 25
Some of these oldies feel as fresh as the day they came out.

The best electric motorcycles you can buy right now

Edgar CervantesOctober 24
Electric motorcycles are making a comeback and here are 10 of the best, fastest and most expensive battery-powered bikes for the public road.

Want to take your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift on the road? Here are the best laptops for VR

Kevin ParrishOctober 22
High-end virtual reality is typically associated with desktops, but you don’t need a bulky PC for a great experience.

Buyer’s Guide: The best Android tablet you can buy in 2018

Kevin ParrishOctober 17
Looking for an Android tablet? These are the best you can buy right now.

How to authorize a computer on iTunes

Kevin ParrishOctober 17
Our guide shows you how to authorize a computer on iTunes and de-authorize those you no longer use.
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