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Best HBO comedies: Silicon Valley, Sex and the City, and more


The best electric motorcycles you can buy right now

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Lifx guide: Everything you need to know

Edgar Cervantes2 days ago
In this post we aim to give you the full Lifx rundown and help you make a smarter decision. Should you go with something more available like Philips Hue, cheaper like Sengled, or is ...

LG leads the pack at Display Week 2018

David Imel2 days ago
LG showed off a number of new panels at Display Week 2018. From foldable to sound-emitting, there's a new technology for everyone at this show.

Check out the best musicals on Netflix

Frederick Blichert3 days ago
And sing along, if you know the words!

The Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime

Anthony Hayt3 days ago
Get your scream on while getting your stream on.

Display Week 2018: A look at the future of E Ink displays

David Imel3 days ago
E Ink isn't a new technology, but recent advancements in things like colored-ink displays are making this tech look like the future of low-power displays.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Review

Sam Moore3 days ago
Han Solo's first adventure is an exciting and entertaining romp across the galaxy.

Problems with the iPad Pro and how to fix them

Ankit Banerjee3 days ago
We take a look at some of the common problems faced by Apple iPad Pro owners, and offer potential solutions and workarounds to address them!

How to set up and use Google Home Roku controls

Adam Doud4 days ago
Goiogle Home and Google Assistant can power your Roku watching experience with the help of a third party app. Here's how to set up Google Home Roku controls using the app Quick Remote.

10 best Netflix documentaries you can watch right now

Edgar Cervantes5 days ago
Check out our favorite must-watch documentaries on Netflix.

The Obamas to produce content for Netflix

Derrek Leigh5 days ago
The Obamas will continue to inspire with this new endeavor

Check out the best classic movies on Netflix

Frederick Blichert5 days ago
Some of these oldies feel as fresh as the day they came out.
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