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Here are the best Nest products you can buy

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The best electric motorcycles you can buy right now

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How to set up and use Google Home Roku controls

Adam Doud7 hours ago
Goiogle Home and Google Assistant can power your Roku watching experience with the help of a third party app. Here's how to set up Google Home Roku controls using the app Quick Remote.

10 best Netflix documentaries you can watch right now

Edgar Cervantes15 hours ago
Check out our favorite must-watch documentaries on Netflix.

The Obamas to produce content for Netflix

Derrek Leigh1 day ago
The Obamas will continue to inspire with this new endeavor

Check out the best classic movies on Netflix

Frederick Blichert1 day ago
Some of these oldies feel as fresh as the day they came out.

Philips Hue guide: Everything you need to know

Edgar Cervantes1 day ago
We have taken it upon ourselves to make a comprehensive Philips Hue guide to help you get that smart home set up and ready to go.

YouTube Music and YouTube Premium: What you need to know

Derrek Leigh2 days ago
YouTube Red is no more. In come YouTube Premium and YouTube Music!

Best 10 inch tablets – Android, iOS and Windows

Edgar Cervantes2 days ago
While the best tablet may be different for each user, we narrow down what we think is the most productive, powerful and all around best 10 inch tablet. (Updated May 2016)

The Best Apple HomeKit devices you can buy today

Adam Doud2 days ago
HomeKit is Apple's home control/automation interface, and it's quite nice. If you're looking to build a smarthome, HomeKit is a good place to start. To that end, here's our list of the ...

Check out the best classic movies on Amazon Prime

Frederick Blichert3 days ago
Newer doesn't always mean better.

How to put Alexa on Android as your default assistant

Adam Doud3 days ago
Amazon Alexa is a versatile assistant that comes built into a lot of devices. So, it makes sense if you want to get that same experience on your phone as well. Here's how to get Alexa ...

Google Home finally adds a long-awaited feature

Derrek Leigh6 days ago
It's a feature that should have been available since day one
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