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Apple’s record of records, Galaxy Z Flip images, and more

Apple's mega iPhone sales + AirPods glory, and leaked Samsung Galaxy Z Flip images look pretty fancy
6 hours ago

First Motorola flagship phone in years has a launch date, and more

Motorola might be rolling out a new flagship, which could be important to the US market
1 day ago

Boeing’s enormous 777X airplane takes its maiden voyage, and more

It's a bird, it's a big plane, and it's a bright spot for Boeing.
2 days ago

100 seconds to midnight, and more

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is not messing around.
5 days ago

Tinder adds real-time safety tracking, and more

Tinder is watching you, but it looks like a useful safety tool for those who need it.
6 days ago

Jeff Bezos, WhatsApp, a Saudi Crown Prince, and the UN

A UN investigation released laster today is going to be fascinating...
January 22

Qualcomm focuses on imaging/connectivity in new 4G chipsets, and more

The mass-market Snapdragon chipsets of 2020 are out, with a few meaningful surprises.
January 21

Giving your eye some Mojo, and more

Get an eyeful of this thing.
January 17

The ‘Evil List’ of 30 tech companies, and more

The list of 30 evil companies is subjective, but there's some ethically challenged companies in the mix.
January 16

TV troubles: The newest screens lack a killer feature

8K? MicroLED? $60,000? Don't buy a new TV!
January 15

There’s life in the ol’ PC just yet!

And that's even without counting Chromebooks
January 14

Apple 2020: 5G iPhones, TrueDepth cameras, and more

Apple's 20202 looks like it'll pack 5G, and that's not what we expected...
January 13
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