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Unlock problems are still a smartphone problem, the Blob in Paris Zoo, and more

Fingerprints, faces, and the triumph of the good old password.
10 hours ago

The Pixel 4 is not easy to understand

What a confusing new flagship.
1 day ago

Google Pixel Day, Apple Inc., and more

As the Pixel 4 takes flight later today, Apple is showing what happens when the next big release gets it exactly right.
2 days ago

Fortnite isn’t dead but it has reached The End, and more

Now people are watching a Black Hole
3 days ago

OnePlus 7T Pro, Apple fallout over Hong Kong, and more

OnePlus isn't really making much sense with the 7T Pro.
6 days ago

Apple Glasses now seem very real, and more

Apple Glasses. iGlasses. GlassPods. Whatever the name, they're coming.
October 10

The thin, weird Essential phone

It's half the size of the other Essential phone width?
October 9

Tile adds new sticky products as Apple threat looms, and more

Tile's not taking its foot off the gas just yet.
October 8

HTC is great and not throwing in the towel just yet, says HTC

HTC is just fine, Le Creuset x Star Wars, and more
October 7

Instagram Threads, Galaxy Fold folds live, best Bluetooth speakers, and more

$100 gets you plenty of Bluetooth speaker
October 4

Microsoft’s Surface dual-display devices on Windows, and on Android

Microsoft really has the tech world talking.
October 3

What Mark Zuckerberg’s leaked audio tells us, as Microsoft launch new hardware in hours

It's a surprise because Facebook hasn't really leaked before.
October 2
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